I’ve had a problem for a long time about focusing. I forgot who, but I’ll dig up later, that the greatest resource we have is our attention. Hours in the day is fininte. Where we put our focus and attention is what matters. Whether that’s shiny kitty memes or learning a new technology.

I’m awful at it. So, a few weeks ago I finally decided to do something about it. Shawn Blanc’s Focus Course is in private beta, and I’m one of those fancy guys and gals going through it. It’s just getting started in creating some small habits, that lead to bigger habits, and more. I’ll see where it goes, but for now, any new positive habit is a good thing.

Time to make 2015 sing.

Starting Out

I’ve had a presence on the internet for a long time. A domain (several, let’s be honest) that I’ve never used for anything. I like journaling and don’t do it enough. If that’s all this site turns out to be, then I win. If other people like it too, then we all win. This site is and will be a personal dumping group for everything from my faith, family, career, video games, reviews, etc. I like to think I’ll really get into it, but that will only take time.