AJ Penninga 1 minute read
April 4, 2016

2016 Road Trip

In which our hero drives 4500 miles with two young kids, and survives.

We made it. And what a trip. While a trip with young children and family members is never (or at least yet) the sushine and roses we all hope it is, we made it. Our kids did amazing. Four separate 10+ hour driving days, including 15 hours in the car on our last day where we pushed home to Grand Rapids.


But I’m ready to get back to work. I’m ready for a bit of the “I’m at work” space. I loved seeing my kids all day every day for the past week, and I can’t wait to move my office home. But for now, it’s going to be some productive times spent this week getting back to work, catching up, and getting set up for spring/

Cheers to Q2.