AJ Penninga 1 minute read
June 8, 2016

Focus Camp: Day 0

This time around, I'm journaling my Focus Camp notes in the open.

On Day 0, our assignment is to tell ourselves that we can change. I can change. You can change.

I can change

And we’re to choose an area or consumerism or entertainment in our lives that we’re going to give up for the duration of the course. I know that I could list a number of things that I can and should give up. From daily YouTube binging, or checking Imgur at work. Or spending money where I shouldn’t. So, I’m going to put one as the prominent priority, but also list a few others I’m going to do as well.

  1. I’m going to refrain from going to local grocery store for my daily soda and sugary snack.
  2. Block YouTube and Imgur access at the office through HeyFocus and OpenDNS.

This will definitely free up some time and head space to tackle the course this time around.