AJ Penninga 1 minute read
February 24, 2016

The Now Page

The Now page hit the internets by storm a few months ago, and here's why I'm joining the fray.

Late last year, the Now Page became a thing. Derek Sivers wrote about how people often asked what he was doing, working on, and focused on. But most notably for me, was the the ability for him to say what he is not working on.

So, I’ve jumped in as well, and set up my own Now page. Currently it is more verbose than I’d like, but I’m working on trimming it down. I want to pick out 1-3 things that are outside of work that I’m actively pursuing. Work on this site. Marketing efforts for The Swim School. Learning iOS. Laravel tutorials. Those are all things that are on my list, but aren’t necessarily at the top for right now.

Following in the 12 week year style of things, I’ll be focusing on these items for a few months, and then evaluate and switch up a focus item here and there.

My Now page is at https://ajp.net/now/

You can learn more about Derek’s Now page, and see lots of other people’s Now pages at http://nownownow.com/.